Filtering drainage channel

Product details
Point drainage MEADRAIN EN

Point drainage made of polymer concrete

Product details
Tunnel infiltration trench MEASTORM

For rainwater retention and infiltration

Product details

Perfect cut and fitting for perfect grating solutions

Product details
Drive technology for automated conveyor lines

Solutions for material flow in production and logistics

Product details
Industrial Gratings

Easy to install and extremely resilient

Product details

7-stage ventilation device for rooms with heavier moisture load

Product details

Interchangeable casement window system enables easy installation

Product details
MEAMODUL for pallet racks

The perfect combination for safety, stability and economy

Product details
Sliding fittings

Reliable, efficient and safe

Product details

Light, stable, safe

Product details
Components for material flow

The complete system for movings hanging charges

Product details
MEAMODUL for cantilever shelves

The ideal solution for cantilever racks and extra deep pallet racks

Product details

Drainage channel made of GRP loading class E 600, CW 100 with slope

Product details
Steel Tracks and Fastenings for tracks

For hanging charges and maximum load bearing capacity

Product details
MEA ventilation shaft

Light and sturdy ventilation shaft for basements and substructures

Product details

Drainage channel made of polymer concrete for roads and speedways

Product details
MEAMODUL for box pallets

Perfect for Euro mesh boxes in pallet racking

Product details
Roller devices

For safe and quiet moving of different items

Product details
Staircase kit MEASTEP

The all in one staircase kit

Product details
Heat shield for MEAMODUL

Easy to upgrade to meet fire protection requirements

Product details

Extra large step system

Product details
Accessories for MEAMODUL

For the optimization of warehouse logistics processes

Product details
Standard steps MEASTEP

High quality step and platform system made of electro-welded gratings

Product details
Anti-slip stairs and platforms

Certified for application demanding extreme security

Product details
Classic rack gratings

With mounting bracket or steel rail to prevent displacement

Product details
Full gratings

For fascinating architectural solutions

Product details
Frames for Gratings

Perfectly crafted for permanent safety

Product details

Drainage channels (with/without slope) made of polymer concrete for loading classes F 900

Product details

Practical cover frame for thermal insulation of all MEALUXIT casings

Product details

MEACRET LINE 200 (with/without slope) is a solid concrete drainage system.

Product details
MEA gratings

Loading classes A 15 to F 900

Product details
Attachments for gratings

Custom made solutions for specific projects

Product details
Grating mats MEAFLOOR

For more comfort and safety

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Industry and logistics depend on high-performance infrastructure solutions that must meet growing demands. This is especially true for drainage systems and for gateways and passages connecting buildings, industrial facilities or machines. The challenge resides not only in fulfilling norms and standards about safety and accessibility but also to offer economically viable solutions that take into consideration the growing requirements regarding environmental protection. MEA supports various trades in the construction industry with powerful system solutions that can be flexibly adapted to individual requirements on site. They combine maximum functionality with the greatest possible economy.

Reliable drainage systems for industrial buildings and logistics areas outside

The drainage of industrial and logistics areas is facing major challenges. It must cope with increasingly frequent heavy rain events and reliably discharge correspondingly large amounts of precipitation in a short time. MEA drainage channels, in combination with rain water retention, treatment and infiltration systems contribute to the protection of the environment, of the infrastructures and the groundwater thus relieving the surrounding sewage system. MEA Water Management products offer economical solutions for the complex tasks of drainage.


The MEADRAIN EN / ENS drainage channel is made of high-quality polymer concrete. It is resistant to chemical substances and free of capillaries for a rapid drainage of water and dirt particles. The MEADRAIN DM drainage channel was developed for the cross drainage of streets and highways. Its monolithic construction impresses with its performance, durability and minimal maintenance effort. The trench tunnel MEASTORM stores a defined amount of water and releases the excess water in a controlled manner in the ground or the sewer system. It is extremely resilient and can also be installed in areas that are exposed to heavy loads from heavy traffic.

Steel construction solutions for machine access, walkways and stairs

Nowadays, industry and logistics can no longer do without economical steel construction solutions. Gratings play a central role for machine access, walkways and stairs. They form the backbone for standardized, safe and resilient solutions. MEA Metal Applications is the specialist for gratings and sliding fittings and an experienced partner for steel and industrial construction. MEA supplies products and system solutions with which professionals can work easier, faster and more safely.


Industrial gratings from MEA are in great demand because of their high level of installation security. With the dimension 1000×1000 mm, it is structurally guaranteed that the bearing rod always rests on the substructure. This corresponds to the recommendations of the employers’ liability insurance association and DIN 24537-1. This eliminates liability risks and reduces the risk of accidents due to incorrectly placed grids. Anti-slip gratings, which comply with BGR 181 and DIN 51130, offer a high level of work safety.

In certain situations, the requirements placed on the material are particularly high: this is where stainless steel comes in place. MEA stainless steel gratings made of V2A or V4A steel combine functional advantages such as corrosion resistance and hygiene with an aesthetic appearance. The stainless-steel gratings are used in beverage and food production as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


With the all-inclusive MEASTEP stair kit and the innovative MEASTEP XSL program for stairs made of gratings with matching platforms and intermediate landings, MEA offers the best solution for all stairs in an industrial environment, including emergency staircases. The MEAFLOOR grating covers ensure privacy from above and below. They dampen the impact noise and provide more safety and comfort on walkways and stairs.