Rain water treatment and infiltration MEACLEAN PRO

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Drainage channel and rain water filter system MEACLEAN PRO

  • Available with a nominal diameter of 300 mm
  • Multi-stage filter technology for the treatment of polluted rain water
  • Substrate mixture made of ENREGIS Biocalith MR-F1/K
  • For connectable areas with an average size of 15 m2 (With 100 l/s ha
  • Spacer made of stainless steel pre-assembled for 1-meter extruded part
  • Suitable for all MEARIN PLUS and EXPERT drainage channel covers with CLIPFIX fasteners
  • Space-saving compared to classic channel systems
  • Grating variants in galvanized steel and cast iron
  • With DIBt approval Z-84.2-16

Product details

  • Filter channel system MEACLEAN PRO

    Sealed large surfaces in the area of city centres and on roads, the increasing need for decentralized water management solutions for  increasing the challenges for local authorities and road construction companies. Climatic changes and the increased occurence of heavy rain events imply that accuring water on sealed surfaces like outdoor areas, parking spaces  or logistic areas needs to be removed safely and reliably. Sealed surfaces also increase the risk of polluting substances such as oils, heavy metals and fine particles to enter the drainage system in higher concentrations. It is therefore essential to offer solutions for decentralised rainwater treatment and sustainable tree irigation capable of filtering heavy pollution materials, chemical as well as inorganic and organic substancesand releasing clean water into the natural water cycle.


  • Benefits for planners and users

    MEACLEAN PRO is the innovative rainwater treatment and linear drainage system with integrated multistage substrate technology for filtering and binding organically and non-organically materials contained in rain water. MEACLEAN PRO is the perfect and compact alternative for inhabited soil layers, especially in densely inhabited areas. The innovative multi layer substrate technology is thereby able to reliably bind over hydrocarbons, solids and 99% of the heavy metals. With their extremely long service life of over 25 years the MEACLEAN PRO is optimally designed for use in parking and traffic areas and for the private sector

MEACLEAN PRO rain water drainage and treatment system

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