Rain water treatment and infiltration MEA V-BOX

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MEA infiltration boxes for the onsite retention and infiltration of rain water: MEA V-BOX

  • High loadability
  • Service durability ≥ 50 years
  • Variable in use, additional to the standard heights also available in height variations of 200 mm
  • High storage capacity (>95%)
  • Optionally available with distribution/inspection and flushing channel (DN 180 up to DN 500 mm), for optimal access

Product details

  • MEA V-BOX infiltration system

    The highly efficient use of raw materials leads to an almost unbeatable price/ performance ratio.  The system is either suitable for usage as a volume storage in higher depth or as an area wide infiltration system near the surface. This system is well suited for usage with high groundwater tables. Load-optimized coverings and cost savings due to the reduction in the amount of required excavation lead to an even more economical use of the system. Whether you use it as a rainwater infiltration system for, a foil wrapped rainwater retention or as a storage tank, the MEA V-BOX offers high functionality and high load capacity at comparatively low investment costs. And this applies especially in comparison with other classic systems (pipe/gravel).

    Suitable for parking spaces, courtyards and outdoor areas.


  • Complete system

    Further features of the MEA V-BOX system: system-optimized connection accessories (horizontal/vertical), net storage capacity (appr. 95%), three-dimensional flow, pipe connections from DN 100 to DN 500 on every side available for all standard pipe materials.

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