Point drainage MEADRAIN EN

Point drainage made of polymer concrete

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Yard drain MEAGARD

Yard drain MEAGARD made of polymer concrete

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The fast and water tight way to penetrate through concrete walls on site

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7-stage ventilation device for rooms with heavier moisture load

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MEAMOVE drive for sliding gates

MEAMOVE lets you open, close or lock your sliding gate very conveniently at the touch of a button

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Drainage channel made of GRP loading class E 600

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Universal drainage channel made of GRP

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Sliding fittings

Reliable, efficient and safe

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Light, stable, safe

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Sturdy pipe duct with patented sealing effect provides high chemical resistance

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Controlled basement ventilation - without opening the window

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Platforms and landings MEASTEP XSL

The fiiting platform system for MEASTEP XSL steps

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Steel rollers

Maintenance free, sturdy, silent

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Steel Tracks and Fastenings for tracks

For hanging charges and maximum load bearing capacity

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MEA ventilation shaft

Light and sturdy ventilation shaft for basements and substructures

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Sealing component for core drillings and scabbard tubes

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Universal drainage channel made of polymer concrete ( E 600)

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Easy to install and low maintenance allrounder for any construction project

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Humidity-controlled fan solution for an optimal room climate

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Roller devices

For safe and quiet moving of different items

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Accessories for sliding fittings

Varied selection of accessories for rail systems

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MEADOC Pipe duct gully

Pipe duct gullies with certified quality, functionnality and water tightness

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Optimal ventilation and permanent protection for basements

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Extra large step system

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Complete construction kit

Complete system for light doors and door panels

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Variable window desings respond to all expectations

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Standard steps MEASTEP

High quality step and platform system made of electro-welded gratings

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Cast iron sliding gate rollers

Highly resilient for moving heavy charges

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Perimeter masking frame for MEATHERMO casement windows

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Drainage channels made of polymer concrete for loading classes F 900

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Practical cover frame for thermal insulation of all MEALUXIT casings

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MEAVECTOR pump sump

Concrete pump sump: reliable for water collection and drainage

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Spiral staircases

Flexible step system for spiral staircases

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Drainage channel gratings and garage gratings

The sturdy solution for channel covers

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Attachments for gratings

Custom made solutions for specific projects

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Grating mats MEAFLOOR

For more comfort and safety

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Drainage system for facades and terrasses

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Product solutions for agricultural and commercial buildings

The industry must meet complex requirements for the construction of agricultural buildings such as stables and warehouses as well as in industrial and commercial buildings. The structural solutions must be functional and durable. They should ensure a high level of occupational safety and meet specific commercial standards. At the same time, maximum economy is required. MEA supports the construction industry with high quality construction systems and construction solutions that meet the highest standards. They can be installed quickly and easily, shortening construction time and reducing the personnel expenditure. Builders and construction companies benefit from greater productivity and profitability.

MEA window systems protect against break-ins, noise and pressurized water

With an extensive range of basement windows, MEA Building systems offers protection against water damages, noise and break-ins. The window systems, which are quick and easy to install, combine economy with functionality and security. The ready-to-install frame window systems MEAVARIO and MEALUXIT are perfect all-rounders in window construction. They are suitable for all type of walls and thicknesses and are very easy and fast to install: window inserts can be installed without tools, for example.

With the MEATHERMO AQUA windows, MEA offers a watertight window solution for basements that guarantees water tightness in the event of flooding up to a level of at least 250 cm. The basement window MEALON is particularly easy to install and is used in both new buildings and renovation work. It was developed for cellars, garages, but also for industrial and agricultural buildings. The MEALIT steel cellar window is particularly robust, durable and maintenance-free. It is especially suitable for utility rooms that are insensitive to moisture.

MEA drainage channels for industry and agriculture.

MEA Water Management offers an extensive selection of drainage channels for all loading classes (A 15 – F 900) and all areas of application for industrial and agricultural buildings and installations. MEA is the specialist for draining surface water and other liquids safely, quickly and as completely as possible inside as well as outside. The complete MEA portfolio includes drainage channels made of GRP, polymer concrete, concrete and steel as well as accessories and fitting gratings.

The drainage channels MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG were developed for industrial areas and high traffic areas. They are also made of polymer concrete and are equipped with particularly strong steel or ductile iron edge protections. The integrated grating longitudinal shift protection make sure the gratings do no move in any direction. The system can be used universally, and its flexibility makes construction planning easier. The MEARIN PLUS and MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels made of GRP are particularly easy to install thanks to their light weight yet very sturdy channel bodies. The MEARIN drainage channels come in 4 different width and are also available a flat channel.

MEA solutions for sliding gates, material flow, stairs and walkways

Robust gates in agriculture and partially automated conveyor lines require reliable running tubes and sliding hardware as well as powerful motors. MEA Metal Applications offers particularly quiet running, ammonia-resistant sliding fittings for stables allowing greater comfort and faster work processes with automatic drives. MEA gratings made of stainless steel meet the highest hygiene requirements, for example in animal husbandry. MEA makes it easier to retrofit stairs in a commercial environment with practical stair kits. Steel tracks and fastening devices from MEA form the robust basis for sliding gates and material flow systems for the transport of hanging loads. They are hot-dip galvanized and are suitable for door weights up to 2000 kg. With MEAMOVE, the new drive technology from MEA, sliding gates can be conveniently opened, closed and locked at the push of a button. The gate drive system, which can also be retrofitted, makes every day work in agriculture easier.


Stainless steel gratings from MEA, in standard sizes or as an individual custom-made product, are made of V2A or V4A steel. They are resistant against corrosion-resistant, aggressive substances and meet the highest hygienic requirements.

The all-inclusive MEASTEP stair kit has been designed for fitters to build in stair solutions fast in almost all areas. The stair kit has split side panels so that it can be easily transported in a truck. It contains all the necessary parts and is immediately ready for assembly without re-drilling. It is available in three stair lengths. The non-slip stairs can be covered with the MEAFLOOR grating mats for more comfort and safety.