Gratings Attachments for gratings

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Custom made solutions for specific projects for MEA gratings

  • Customised solutions for any non-standard structure
  • Add value to gratings
  • Virtually any customer requirements can be met
  • Expert advice from MEA based on your specifications
  • Extensive array of accessories
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel
  • Suitable for all gratings which can be walked on

Product Description

  • Accessories for gratings – for ready-to-use solutions from a single source

    When combined with the necessary accessories and tailor-made attachments, MEA gratings become ready-to-use solutions that reduce construction time and guarantee ideal functionality. Our MEA range also includes toe plates, reinforcement profiles, brackets, notches, small plates, flaps, etc. that add even more value to MEA gratings.

  • Attachments and modifications

    • Toe plates
      Toe plates reinforce and raise the edging. They prevent objects from falling off of walk-on gratings.
    • Brackets/mounting brackets
      Brackets attached to one or more sides lend stability to the gratings. MEA rack gratings are fitted with them as standard, for example.
    • Plates
      Small welded plates with a hole or slot are used to fasten gratings to the substructure. They are frequently used together with car passable gratings, for instance.
    • Flaps
      Flaps can be welded onto gratings as shift protection, amongst other things.
    • Reinforcements/concrete ledges
      Reinforced or raised edgings underneath help you achieve a particular total height or bridge missing supports (for example, over light wells).
    • Notches
      Serrations in the load bars where they rest on the grating supports help you achieve a particular total height. Don’t forget to check the load-bearing capacity!
  • Fixing mechanisms for gratings

    MEA offers an extensive array of accessories and channel cover fixing mechanisms for every type of grating. Our channel cover fixing mechanisms are made from hot-dip galvanised steel and are suitable for gratings which can be walked on.

    • Socket spanner lock: comprised of a lock with a welded flap and tongue as well as a socket spanner. For locking gratings that can be swung up in place
    • Galvanised retaining clip with flap and bolt: for 30/30, 30/10 or 20/20 mm mesh. Protection against dislocation or removal. Bolt lengths from 60 to 100 mm
    • Galvanised retaining clip with dovetail flap and bolt: only suitable for 30/30 mm mesh, protection against dislocation or removal
    • Bolt length 60 mm (max. grating height 30 mm) or 80 mm (max. grating height 50 mm)
    • Hinges: allow lightweight or heavy-duty gratings to be swung up, either offset or onset
    • Galvanised double retaining clip with circular flap and bolts: only suitable for 30/30 mm mesh. Protection against dislocation or removal or for connecting two gratings together. Bolt length 60 mm (max. grating height 30 mm)
    • Safety chain with 800 mm shackle: for securing light well gratings
    • Stainless steel retaining clip: for 30/10 or 30/30 mm mesh sizes. For fixing gratings as protection against dislocation or removal. With flap and bolt
    • Fastenings for SP electro-welded gratings: wing flaps, circular flaps, grating fixing mechanisms with hook fastener, grating fixing mechanisms as punch bolts
  • MEAFLOOR plastic grating mats

    The already high safety standard of MEA gratings is further increased by grating mats: thanks to MEAFLOOR, it is also possible to walk on gratings in high-heeled shoes or barefoot. The dizziness that typically occurs when walking on grating surfaces or staircases is now a thing of the past. MEA grating mats help prevent accidents due to slippery surfaces and generally make gratings less of an obstacle. Even wheeling a pushchair is no longer a problem. Dogs and cats feel much safer and more at ease.


  • Safety accessories for standard gratings

    Our non-galvanised safety step edges are double perforated and supplied loose in lengths of 3,000 or 6,000 mm.

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