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Standard- Gratings: Highly resistant gratings for even more security

  • Endless applications: from private houses through mechanical systems to shipbuilding!
  • Extremely sturdy and torsion-resistant!
  • Completely even surface
  • Harmonious, eye-catching mesh structure

Product Description

  • Standard gratings make ships a safer place!

    When you mention gratings, most people tend to think of stationary buildings or structures such as houses, factories or football stadiums. Yet gratings are also used very extensively in shipbuilding. Several tons of standard or industrial gratings are not at all unusual on container vessels. As links between different parts of the ship, all staircases and walkways used by the crew have to comply with extremely high safety requirements. A zero tolerance policy applies to accidents – thanks to MEA gratings!

  • Standard gratings - for a perfect mesh structure

    One big advantage of MEA standard gratings is their completely even surface with a harmonious and precise mesh structure. The arrangement of the grating mesh creates interesting surface structures, so that the visual impact frequently changes depending on the viewing angle and the incident light. Developers, architects and designers have endless creative possibilities today when it comes to standard gratings. Gratings are increasingly also used in urban landscapes as architectural elements of facades or as eye-catching protective features against strong sunlight.

  • Standard gratings: C-beam steel makes the difference

    Standard gratings are press-welded gratings with C-beam steel edging. The filling bars are forced into the slotted load bars under pressure. The high pressure and the geometry of the slots in the load bars ensure an exceptionally sturdy, torsion-resistant grating.
    The gratings and frames are supplied separately.
    The load bars of the press-welded gratings distribute the load between the supports. The filling bars provide stability and ensure that the load is distributed proportionally.


In addition to the default 30 x 30 mm mesh, MEA Metal Applications can also supply standard gratings in the following sizes:

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