Innovation is a process inspired by curiosity, competence and ambition

Watch, listen, understand, think creatively – these are the most important steps on the path to innovative solutions that really help our customers move forward. All measures and solutions we develop are the outcome of an intensive dialogue with partners, architects and site managers. The result: innovations inspired by practice, which meet the requirements of the construction industry – today and tomorrow.


Innovative construction: MEASTEP

MEASTEP, our new staircase system, is designed to support exceptionally heavy loads. MEASTEP can be used to build staircases with self-supporting steps that have an extra-large span and require no intermediate structures. The result: cost and energy savings because less material is needed in combination with a unique aesthetic appeal.

Innovative system solution: MEA Connect System

The MEA Connect system is comprised of a casement window, insulated mounting panel and light well for thermal bridge-free installation in record time.

Innovative combination: MEACLEAN PRO

The MEA CLEAN PRO system consists of a fibre-glass-reinforced composite drainage channel that is extremely easy to install and incorporates the first substrate filter system which is capable of retaining 99% of all heavy metals as well as organic substances and oils.