Gratings Radial grating

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Every grate is unique

  • Grating sizes from 120-300 mm
  • Production in radii from 750-5000 mm
  • Optional: Underwelding with fastening plates

Product Description

  • Each grate hand made

    Radial gratings are pressed gratings, whose uniqueness and special feature lies in the round arrangement
    of the bearing and filling bars, which makes every application an eye-catcher. The curved radial gratings are
    are not only used at entrances or fountains in public places, but also in plant construction in the food industry.
    These curved gratings are also used in plant construction in the food industry to cover gutters.

  • Radialrost_Produktabbildung

    Production variations

    > galvanized, DIN EN ISO 1461

    > stainless steel, Premium (V2A) and Deluxe (V4A), pickled, polished

Product Highlights

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