MEA sliding fittings for industry, trade and agriculture

With products from MEA you move your products easily, safely and quickly. Your production becomes leaner, more effective and more cost-efficient. MEA Metal Applications is a full-range supplier of sliding fittings: accessories for sliding fittings, such as runner tube closures, various floor guide rollers and a wide range of buffers, perfectly adapted to the given requirements.

Quality from the specialist for metal assortments

Since our founding as a metalworking shop in 1886, we have been working hand in hand with professionals from steel and hall construction, industrial and agricultural construction, special trade and logistics with shelf construction and factory equipment suppliers. We have collected, analyzed and implemented their industry-specific requirements in long, close cooperation: and thus created a strong foundation on which we continue to develop innovative products and new system solutions.

MEA sliding fittings for hanging gates

Factory gates, hall gates and barn doors in Germany are often realized as space-saving sliding gates, where the hanging gates and doors are guided in running tubes. MEA supplies all the fittings required for the operation of door systems and transport systems from a single source: from the running tubes to the rolling apparatus, the guide rollers to the fastenings and drives: everything optimally designed for maximum safety and functionality – for door weights up to 4,500 kg.


In the case of free-standing gates, a running rail is attached to the underside of the gate, which usually runs on one side of the gate opening over two rolling devices anchored in the ground. MEA sliding fittings for free-standing gates are particularly popular in industry, trade and also in the private sector: for factory gates, gates for warehouses or access gates for private properties. One of their greatest advantages is free passage without disturbing ground guide or height limitation. The simple assembly and high functional safety as well as the aesthetic aspect of this solution speak for themselves.

Innovation at MEA: the sliding gates operator MEAMOVE

On the outside as well as on the inside, the new MEAMOVE operator technology lets sliding doors open, close and lock quite conveniently at the push of a button. MEAMOVE is much more than just a track for doors: Our comfort package for door systems with modern drive technology is the best recommendation for a smooth operation. From consulting and planning to delivery, everything is included here, and individual adaptations according to customer requirements are of course possible. MEAMOVE is ideally suited both for new sliding doors and for retrofitting existing doors with sliding hardware. The closing forces according to EN 12445 have been certified by a notified testing body.

Our stainless steel range for special requirements

Our extensive stainless steel range is used where environmental conditions demand it: extreme manufacturing and production conditions, unfavorable climatic conditions and aggressive environments that require the highest corrosion resistance.

MEA service from A to Z

We offer you extensive materials on our products in our download area: From product catalogs to CAD data and technical data sheets to assembly and maintenance instructions, you will find important and helpful information here.

Explore our smart solutions for sliding fittings

Runners and fasteners

Beyond the simple moving of gates, the MEA product range has developed into a powerful all-round assortment for a wide variety of applications. In order to provide you with the optimal solution for all requirements and regardless of the load, we offer a wide product range of track tubes and fasteners in six different sizes.


MEA rolling attachments are suitable for many applications for the manual transport of suspended loads of all kinds, especially for sliding doors and sliding gates, protective curtains, sliding platforms, stable systems as well as for store and trade fair construction. There are no limits to creativity.

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