Sliding fittings for hanging gates Roller devices

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For safe and quiet moving smaller and heavier items

  • Wide range of applications
  • Durable, virtually no maintenance required
  • Everything manufactured and adapted in-house
  • Smooth, almost silent running
  • Available in six different sizes
  • High-quality ball bearings made to last
  • Increased resistance to ammonia
  • Roller devices for electric drives
  • Heat resistant for temperatures from -20° to 80° Celsius

Product Description

  • Roller devices – easy movement of hanging loads

    Indoor logistics solutions from MEA significantly improve a company’s internal flow of goods, materials and tools. Wherever hanging loads have to be moved, our roller devices ensure that everything runs smoothly. We can supply them either as single roller devices or, for heavy loads, as double roller devices.

  • Virtually unlimited applications

    The list of potential applications for roller devices is virtually unlimited. They are used in combination with sliding fittings to transport hanging loads of all kinds. Sliding doors and gates, curtains, conveying systems, sliding shutters, transfer tables, stables, shopfitting and trade fair construction are among the most common examples. Their advantages for logistics are particularly evident when it comes to manual overhead conveyors and power supplies in manufacturing and storage areas. For instance, they enable conveyors in paint shops, buffer and transport sequences in production and logistics departments and they also serve as special product fixtures and toolholders at workstations.


  • Single and double roller devices

    MEA’s single roller devices are the number one choice for transporting lightweight or small loads. Thanks to their high-quality ball bearings, our galvanised roller devices not only run smoothly and almost silently; they are also durable and require virtually no maintenance. They are available in five different sizes. Double roller devices move and transport heavy loads safely and quietly.

  • Roller devices to meet special requirements

    Since everything is manufactured in-house, our roller devices can if necessary be adapted and accurately tailored to each customer’s specifications. MEA’s standard product range includes the following roller devices for meeting special requirements:

    • Heat-resistant roller devices
      For manual overhead conveyors in hot environments, for example for filling drying ovens.
    • Roller devices with increased resistance to ammonia
      MEA’s double and single rollers with increased resistance to ammonia were developed for use in agriculture and stables.
    • Low-noise roller devices
      Our double roller devices with a plastic outer ring enable almost silent running. They are suitable for use in horse boxes and stables as well as in private homes or on commercial premises where high acoustic insulation is a priority.
    • Roller devices for electric drives
      It goes without saying that MEA roller devices can also be moved with an electric drive. For example, MEAMOVE is a programmable drive for automating sliding gates.

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