Sliding fittings for gates guided from the ground Sliding fittings

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Reliable, efficient and safe

  • High-performance roller device
  • Secure system
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • High application reliability

Product Description

  • First choice for industry, commerce and private homes!

    Fittings for cantilever gates are among the top-selling products in the MEA range – whether for factory gates, warehouses or the entrances to private homes.
    One of their chief benefits is that they enable free passage with no floor guides to get in the way and no maximum height. Their easy installation, high functional reliability and aesthetic appeal lie behind the steady rise in demand for MEA sliding fittings for cantilever gates.

  • Available in several different sizes and designs!

    You can find all the fittings you need to install cantilever gates in the MEA Metal Applications product range. The choice depends on the gate opening width and weight.
    Please note: The gate panel must be wind-permeable if sliding fittings are used.

  • Advantages of cantilever sliding gates

    Cantilever sliding gates are gradually taking the place of the rolling and rotating gates which have dominated the last few decades. A new generation of sturdy sliding fittings provides the key to this trend. The main advantage of cantilever gates is that they only require a shallow foundation depth. And since sliding gates only have a small radius of movement, there is no impairment due to stones or rubbish, no matter how dirty the site – which can often be a problem with industrial gates, for instance. Even snow and ice only rarely impede the movement of cantilever gates.

  • The cantilever gate principle

    Cantilever gates are built with a track on the underside; this usually runs on two roller devices which are anchored to the ground on one side of the door opening. A frame wedge mounted at the end of the track acts like a cap and prevents the gate from sliding off the rail. On the other (opposite) side is a safety stopper, which brings the leaf gently and reliably to a standstill when the gate is closed.

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