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Welcome to MEA Metal Applications, the specialist for gratings and sliding hardware. Since the foundation as a Locksmith shop in Aichach in 1886 we have been working hand in hand with professionals in the steel industry, the hall construction and the agricultural building sector as well as with logistic companies and specialised trading companies. Over the years we were able to develop a deep Know-How regarding our partner´s expectations.

This unique knowledge is the basement for our actions and our developments aiming at one central goal: making the work of our customers easier, faster, safer and more successful.


We are as close as possible to our customers, dealing every single day with their requirements and their challenges. As a result we provide full service support for any kind of project from a Technical point of view, for training purposes or for new developments. We assist every single customer when it comes to installation plans, static calculation or specific installation schemes. Following our motto “Building Success” we provide custom made solution for your particular needs providing you with the best and most economical technical solution on the market.

MEA Metal Applications is the specialist for producing custom made gratings for all possible applications. Several production plants around the world allow us to offer the best service when it comes to production and delivery times. Our unique know-how, our own galvanizing unit and our modern production plants and processes make the difference for our customers. Not only do we produce and deliver high quality products, we also offer exclusive services to our customers allowing them to galvanise their own products at our place but also to develop new solutions with the technical know-how of our engineers.


MEA Metal Applications is, since 1996, operating its own galvanizing plant. Hot-dip galvanizing in a full bath (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461) makes our products extremely weatherproof, environmentally friendly and durable. After appropriate pre-treatment (degreasing and pickling), steel is alloyed on the surface by immersion in a liquid zinc melt and coated with zinc.The zinc coating forms a bond with the steel and is therefore suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces. In order to achieve the best possible result, we also check all components before and after hot-dip galvanizing. And even after galvanizing, you have the option of having our locksmith make any further changes you require.


  • Hot-dip galvanizing of steel components as well as small parts including connecting material. All products are galvanized in accordance with DIN EN 1461 and DAST guideline 022.
  • Blasting of materials (removal of old paint or deep corrosion)
  • Pickling and degreasing of materials with hydrochloric acid
  • Transport service: direct collection of the products from the customer and return after galvanizing
  • Locksmith´s services: drilling, grinding, thread cutting, welding, plasma burning …
  • Consulting: all necessary steps up to the finished surface treatment such as Delay, use of materials, preparatory and reworking are discussed with our customers and carefully implemented
  • Sale of additives for small repair parts
  • Control and quality of the zinc layer according to EN ISO 146

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