Stairs Staircase kit MEASTEP

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The all in one staircase kit

  • All-inclusive staircase kit
  • Certified stability and durability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular stair system based on MEASTEP XSL steps
  • Three different versions available (three staircase lengths)

Product Description

  • Stairbuilding has never been easier

    One, two, three – that’s all! MEASTEP staircase kits are so quick and easy to install, it’s almost magic: just three steps and the stairs are in place exactly as planned – only much faster!
    All steel components are hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. All bolts, nuts, washers and other small parts have a special coating that offers excellent protection against corrosion.

  • Many good reasons to choose the MEASTEP staircase kit

    The MEASTEP staircase kit comprises sturdy stairs with split steel stringers. It can be transported by truck without any problems and installed on site quickly without additional drilling or reworking. This weatherproof staircase is particularly sturdy and robust. The MEASTEP system is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Our standard delivery time is two weeks!

  • The MEASTEP staircase kit includes:

    • Railing on one side (suitable for installation on either side)
    • MEASTEP XSL steps (standard)
    • Tread width 1,000 mm x depth 270 mm
    • Mesh width 30/30
    • Essential accessories, mounting parts, assembly instructions
    • Special pallet box 2.40 x 0.80 m
    • Non-standard versions, e.g. tread widths from 600 to 1,600 mm, slip resistance, mesh width 30/10 also possible
  • The MEASTEP system - each module locks into the next

    Profit from the ingenious design of the MEASTEP system, in which each MEA module locks quickly and efficiently into the next.
    That’s why our staircase kit is also shipped with MEASTEP XSL steps, which have proven their excellence in terms of design and stability time and time again.
    The MEASTEP staircase kit is a modular solution that saves you considerable time and money without compromising on safety and Efficiency.

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