Stairs Steps MEASTEP XXL

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Extra large step system

  • Suitable for heavy loads, even with large spans, owing to the use of C-beam steel
  • Double perforated safety step edge
  • Slip-resistant load and filling bars available on request
  • Hot-dip galvanised by total immersion

Product Description

  • MEASTEP XXL steps selected for the Allianz Arena

    Bayern Munich need 11 players in their team to protect the goal. MEA recently installed 142 MEASTEP XXL steps at the club’s Allianz Arena ground, where a new emergency staircase protects people’s lives. The new stairway was installed as part of a plan to relieve congestion on the two main ramps.

  • High anti-slip and visual requirements

    Of course, you can’t just install any old steps at such a famous football stadium. For Bayern Munich, only the best was good enough: MEASTEP.
    At the request of the architect, MEA Metal Applications supplied 142 custom-made, up to 2.60 metre wide versions of its MEASTEP XXL steps, which are self-supporting and slip-resistant.

  • Requirements and spans

    MEASTEP XXL steps are suitable for large spans. They meet all the quality assurance requirements of the RAL-GZ 638 mark.
    To enable the high loads to be withstood, MEASTEP XXL steps for large spans feature an integral, extra-sturdy supporting structure made from C-beam steel.

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