MEA Parking deck drain for point drainage of multi-storey car parks

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Industrial Gratings

Easy to install and extremely resilient

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Drainage channel made of GRP, loading class D 400, CW 100 with slope

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Car park drainage channel (GRP)

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Platforms and landings MEASTEP XSL

The fiiting platform system for MEASTEP XSL steps

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Standard Gratings

Highly resistant gratings for even more security

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Staircase kit MEASTEP

The all in one staircase kit

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Radial grating

Longliving and sturdy

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Car park drainage channel made of polymer concrete

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Spiral staircases

Flexible step system for spiral staircases

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MEA gratings

Loading classes A 15 to F 900

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Multi-storey car parks and underground garages play an increasingly important role in an increasingly mobile society and have long ceased to be the dark bunkers of the post-war era. Multi-storey car parks and underground must constantly adapt to social developments, whether in terms of e-mobility, security or comfort. Underground garages and multi-storey car parks are also exposed to increasing loads as traffic increases steadily and cars get bigger. For this reason, it is important to rely on intelligent and high-quality products in the planning and construction of such buildings right from the start. MEA offers a variety of products and solutions that enable economical construction and operation of parking garages and protect the building structures as well as the users.


In the civil engineering sector, MEA offers a variety of concrete light wells that help bring both light and air into underground garages and thus bring more comfort to the sous-terrain area. MEAVECTOR light wells protect the building against water damage caused by possible floods or penetrating groundwater, as these can be built in watertight way. Thanks to the clever design the MEAVECTOR light wells can be installed in high traffic areas or on difficult construction sites with high level ground water. Thanks to the patented installation insulation panels MEAFIX the MEAVECTOR can be mounted without any thermal bridge. MEA also offers water-resistant windows for the basement as well as mechanical or automated ventilation systems.

Drainage of multi-storey car parks and underground garages with MEARIN PG EVO and MEADRAIN PG channels

The building structures of multi-storey car parks and underground garages must withstand lots of structural aggressions over time, from traffic over rain water, humidity, oil, chemicals and salt. Drainage solutions for multi-storey car parks must therefore guarantee absolute tightness, do not rust, withstand high loads and be resistant to aggressive substances. MEA offers 2 systems for this purpose: the MEARIN PG EVO made of GRP and the MEADRAIN PG made of polymer concrete.

Due to the low construction heights of 30 and 50 mm, the MEARIN PG EVO and the MEADRAIN PG enable economical installation in the construction that does not affect the buildings armoring, even for renovation projects.

The systems are waterproof, rust-free, extremely robust and require almost no maintenance. The MEARIN PG EVO is available as an “AS” variant for asphalt surfaces and as an “OS” variant for OS coatings. These channel systems are complemented by the MEARIN PLUS F GRP channels that fit perfectly in the ramp area or outdoors and ensure optimal water disposal.

MEASTEP XSL stair treads, MEASTEP XXL stair kit, industrial gratings, standard gratings, anti-slip gratings, running pipes and fixings

The MEA product portfolio for multi-storey car parks and underground garages is complemented by the extensive range of grating and stairs from the MEA Group. Gratings are ideal for building escape routes and escape stairs. MEA offers both standard and industrial gratings as well as slip-resistant gratings that ensure even more safety. MEA also specializes in custom-made gratings. This ensures that, in combination with our staircase kits MEASTEP XSL and MEASTEP XXL, every project always gets the best possible and most economical solution. Of course, MEA offers a comprehensive range of services in every phase of planning to support planners, architects and builders.