Gratings Anti-slip gratings

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Certified for application demanding extreme security

  • Unique combination of safety and design
  • Certified and DIN-tested for the highest safety requirements
  • Extremely effective wherever an increased risk of accidents exists
  • Uniform design

Product Description

  • Anti-slip gratinngs ensure maximum safety at the Allianz Arena

    Special safety gratings with high slip resistance must be chosen where ordinary gratings or sheet metal profile gratings are no longer adequate. This is particularly the case with industrial platforms. Yet innovative architects, too, praise the unique profile of our anti-slip gratings and make conscious use of it as a design element. The new emergency stairway unit installed at the Allianz Arena in Munich successfully relieves congestion when the stadium is packed to capacity. At the special request of the architect, MEA supplied custom-made MEASTEP XXL steps with increased slip resistance.

  • Slip protection in extreme conditions

    Ordinary metal gratings are sufficiently slip-resistant for standard applications. However, in places where ice and snow prevail or contact occurs with dirt, oils, grease, water or all possible types of food residues, more exacting demands are made with regard to slip protection.
    Wherever a high risk of slipping exists – and with it a greater risk of accidents – the gratings which are used must offer exceptional slip resistance. Improved anti-slip properties can be achieved using MEA gratings with serrations in the load and/or filling bars.

  • MEA gratings - ramp-tested

    To meet these increased requirements, the anti-slip properties of MEA gratings are tested according to BGR 181 “Floors in workrooms and fields of activities with slip danger” and DIN 51130 “Testing of floor coverings; determination of anti-slip properties; workrooms and fields of activities with slip danger; walking method; ramp test”. All test results and the relevant certifications are available for inspection.

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