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Industrial Gratings - Easy to install and extremely resilient

  • Highly resilient
  • Gratings measuring 1,000 x 1,000 mm designed with high installation reliability
  • With flat-iron edging
  • Also available in slip-resistant design
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Custom-made versions possible

Product Description

  • Industrial gratings – safe, robust and universally usable

    MEA’s universally usable industrial gratings are proven wherever the most extreme demands apply with regard to safety, robustness and corrosion resistance. That’s why industrial gratings are widely employed as design elements in shipbuilding, for instance. These all-rounders are manufactured by MEA as pressure-locked or electro-welded gratings in all standard sizes as well as custom-made.

  • Extremely durable

    MEA industrial gratings are pressure-locked with flat-iron edging. They have a 30/30 mesh and a total height of 30 mm. The gratings are hot-dip galvanised by total immersion and are extremely durable. The deflection under load is 1/200 of the span, up to a maximum of 4 mm.

  • Reliable installation every time

    The interlocked arrangement of adjacent industrial gratings in the standard 1,000 x 1,000 mm size ensures that the load bar always rests on the substructure. This is in conformity with the recommendations of professional associations and DIN 24537-1. There is no danger of accidents due to gratings being incorrectly laid, so that liability risks are ruled out.

  • Electro-welded gratings for industry and engineering

    The fact that all intersections of the load and filling bars are fully welded results in exceptionally sturdy electro-welded gratings combining maximum strength and durability with optimal load distribution. The SP version of MEA’s industrial gratings is mainly used in industry and engineering.

  • Made to measure for perfect all-in-one solutions

    Made-to-measure industrial gratings or custom-made products with special features such as extra-high slip resistance are increasingly in demand in the search for the perfect solution. Grating specialist MEA therefore also offers cut industrial gratings with straight or curved cut-outs or chamfers. All industrial gratings can be supplied with suitable attachments and accessories. MEA gives you a perfect all-in-one solution from a single source.

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