MEA Water Management is the specialist for rainwater harvesting and Management

The MEA Water Management strategic business unit specialises in drainage systems as well as solutions for rainwater retention and treatment. MEA Water Management provides an extensive selection of drainage channels made of GRP, polymer concrete, plastic, steel and concrete  for any loading class (from A 15 to F 900) and any application : May it be for road construction, Landscaping, Bridge projects or for commercial buildings such as multi-storey car parks or office buildings.


MEA Water Management is committed to continuously develop solutions regarding Rain Water Harvesting, transportation, retention, treatment, infiltration and reusage. The focus lies in providing solutions for the protection of the natural environment and the human habitat. This demands solutions and products that are adapted to various applications, that are innovative, easy to install and to maintain.

MEA Water Management is offering a complete, yet easy to understand, product portfolio of drainage channels that are adapted for all situations. The design of our products is following one credo: „Form follows function”. We can therefore always guaranty that our products are delivering the right performance. When it comes to planning and design, MEA Water Management offers a large array of solution that are not only esthetical but also performant.

But not only the products are important to make a difference in the field. Service is also an aspect that is being valued by MEA Water Management. Our Team, our Technical engineers, our sales people are always there to support our customers when it comes to project planning, drawings, Hydraulic calculations design Etc… We have one goal: offering our customers the best possible solution at the best possible price.

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