Drainage channels MEAKERB

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Monolithic Kerbstone and drainage channel in one product: MEAKERB

  • 2‐in‐1 system : Kerbstone and drainage channel
  • Loading class D 400
  • Large variety of designs available
  • Barrier-free access for persons with restricted mobility
  • Monolithic design: No moving parts (gratings, bolts, etc.) which could work loose
  • Particularly suitable for draining inner-city areas, car parks, bus stops, roundabouts, etc.
  • Eco-friendly material containing 90% minerals
  • Modular principle: The MEAKERB system consists of several different, perfectly aligned components
  • Extensive range of accessories rounds off the MEAKERB system
  • Extremely resistant to frost, chemical substances and salt

Product details

  • Kerbstone and drainage channel in one product

    MEAKERB combines the kerbstone and the drainage channel in one element to form a simple, smart and highly ingenious drainage solution. Thanks to the many different designs available, MEAKERB meets all relevant requirements and is the ideal solution whenever a modern design is needed for urban areas.

  • Monolithic Design

    The MEAKERB drainage system is made of high quality MEA Polymer concrete. Its monolithic design makes the MEAKER the ultimate solution for those who are looking for performance, design and longevity. Thanks to the large choice of accessories and complementary products available the MEAKERB is perfectly suited for being used along roads, in Roundabouts, parking spaces, outdoor areas or for bus stations and terminals.

  • 2 heights 1 goal

    The MEAKERB drainage product range come in 2 heights: 320 and 500 mm. This ensures that whatever the project you always have the right product with the right rain water drainage performance.

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