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Tree irrigation solutions for cities and municipalities

Lack of precipitation, too small or nonexistent tree grates and long periods of heat are increasingly affecting the existing urban trees. Those, from drought damage, suffering Trees not only affect the urban climate, they also require time-consuming and costly additional irrigation, often with valuable drinking water.

At the same time, the precipitation on sealed areas is mostly unused. The water is being evacuated via the sewer system to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, processed and discharged in rivers. The water is no longer available for decentralized irrigation nore for the regeneration of groundwater.

Discover the innovative irrigation solution from MEA Water Management now!


By installing the MEACLEAN PRO filter substrate channel, urban green spaces and trees can be watered in a targeted manner. Thanks to the MEACLEAN PRO the Trees are being irrigated with clear and purified water.


With the filtering substrate (DIBt approval Z-84.2-16), MEACLEAN PRO offers an effective irrigation solution for inner-city greenery. The innovative multi-layer substrate filter technology reliably binds over 99% of the pollutants. Purified surface water can be used directly and without evaporation losses to add water to the root system.

Further information on sustainable tree irrigation can be found in our brochure Tree Irrigation with MEACLEAN PRO can be used directly and without evaporation losses for the water supply in the root system.

  • Additional irrigation of green spaces is significantly reduced
  • Reduced water and staff costs
  • Flood protection through decentralized relief of the canal system
  • Quick and effective irrigation of the root area, also through ventilation openings
  • High cost / benefit factor