Point drainage MEADRAIN EN

Point drainage made of polymer concrete

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Perfect cut and fitting for perfect grating solutions

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Light, stable, safe

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Drainage channel made of GRP loading class E 600, CW 100 with slope

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Drainage channel made of polymer concrete for roads and speedways

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MEADRAIN DMD drainage channel with rubber seal ensures watertight drainage

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Extra large step system

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Anti-slip gratings

Certified for application demanding extreme security

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Drainage channel (with/without slope) made of polymer concrete (E 600)

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Drainage channels (with/without slope) made of polymer concrete for loading classes F 900

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MEACRET LINE 200 (with/without slope) is a solid concrete drainage system.

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Construction solutions for ports and container terminals

Ports and container terminals are the interfaces between sea and land transport for global trade. The infrastructure there is constantly used night and day and must guarantee trouble-free turnover of goods around the clock. Only structural system solutions that, like MEA, have been specially developed for such requirements and manufactured under the strictest quality control can cope in this highly challenging and demanding environment.

Drainage solutions that are made to last

Drainage channels must bear the weight of countless containers and withstand the stress of never-ending heavy goods traffic. This only works if they are appropriately resistant and robust.

With the MEADRAIN EN / ENS and MEADRAIN DM drainage channels, MEA offers system solutions that are specially designed to resist maximal loads. These high resistance drainage channels are made to withstand all type of traffic, form trucks to lift trucks.

Sturdy grating solutions for port logistics

Only at second glance does the great importance of gratings in the infrastructure of ports and container terminals become apparent. They are used for machine access, walkways, platforms and stairs and need to resist high traffic and pressures. They must guarantee work safety in all weather conditions and do their job reliably and maintenance-free for many years. Long-lasting security on economic terms – that is the top priority. MEA Metal Applications, the specialist for grating solutions, is in the market of steel constructions for decades and has become one of the leaders and preferred partner for steel fabricators.

MEA press welded gratings have a particularly sturdy, torsion-resistant and surface-flush mesh structure, offering the best possible resistance and optimal load distribution. MEA supplies press welded gratings, either non-galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, in numerous sizes as well as made to measure according to customer specifications. This also applies to anti-slip gratings according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130, which offer a particularly high level of slip resistance. MEA stainless steel gratings are used where special hygiene requirements must be met. They are manufactured in standard and special sizes from V2A or V4A stainless steel and are particularly resistant to aggressive substances. If differences in height need to be bridged safely, the stairs from the MEASTEP XSL program are one of the finest choice available in market. They can be used as escape stairs according to DIN 1055-3 and to access operational facilities in accordance to DIN 24531-1 and DIN EN ISO 14122-3. The program consists of steps, platforms and intermediate landings, making the choice for the customer easy and safe: MEA offers the complete service package in one hand, from Design, calculation to production and customisation.

The range of MEA product solutions for ports and container terminals is completed with steel tracks and fastening devices with which hanging loads such as gates can be moved.