Gratings Cuts

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Perfect cut and fitting for perfect grating solutions

  • Any shape can be manufactured
  • Tailor-made
  • Openings included
  • Service made to measure!

Product Description

  • Gratings - Hidden champions!

    They simplify our daily lives and protect us from danger, yet they’re never obtrusive. You could say gratings are the hidden champions of all kinds of buildings and structures. They add clarity to the stands at a football stadium, help skiers climb safely into cable cars and lend stability to sports facilities. Since gratings can be made to measure, there are endless possibilities for using them in everyday applications.

  • Gratings - Adapted to each customer´s requirements!

    Many people instinctively think of gratings as being rectangular. They couldn’t be farther wrong. MEA Metal Applications can supply you with almost any conceivable geometry: from straight through angular to curved or oval. MEA has the ability to manufacture tailor-made gratings that fit perfectly into any space. The grating surface consists of several adjacent gratings which are cut to size and shape depending on each customer’s wishes and requirements.

  • Grating services made to measure

    Openings for cables and pipe ducts can be incorporated, for example, or the surfaces adapted to the geometry of the terrain or building. You profit from MEA service made to measure! We would be pleased to inform you about the countless possibilities which exist. Write us an e-mail or use our contact form.

  • Cut gratings from MEA

    MEA manufactures gratings with straight, curved or oval cuts and cut-outs. Grating surfaces consist of adjacent gratings, firmly attached to the substructure, which are cut to size and shape. Openings for important connectors, pipes, etc. can be taken into account in this way. Each of these made-to-measure gratings is designed and cut to individual customer specifications.

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