Drainage channels MEARIN EXPERT

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High performance drainage channel MEARIN EXPERT made of GRP - Loading class up to E 600

  • Easy to install, no mechanical assistance required
  • Extremely sturdy (loading classes up to E 600)
  • 4 different widths (100, 150, 200 or 300 mm)
  • Eco-friendly: Fully recyclable
  • Design: Wide selection of gratings
  • Optimal anchorage in the concrete base
  • Resistant to chemical substances, salt and oils
  • Heat-resistant – mastic asphalt can be poured directly at the drainage channel
  • Also available as a slope version in nominal width 100 and 200 - drainage lines up to 20 meters with a continuous gradient of 0.5%.

Product deatails

  • Universal drainage channel MEARIN EXPERT 150

    Drainage channel made of high resistance GRP with reinforced steel edges

    MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite are genuine all-rounders. Thanks to this innovative material, MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels are lightweight, easy to install and extremely robust (suitable for all loading classes up to E 600). They are available with integrated edges made of galvanised steel (MEARIN EXPERT V) or stainless steel (MEARIN EXPERT E).

    The GRP MEARIN EXPERT channels have been designed to be installed in areas where high loading classes are need, for instance on parking places, logistic, agricultural and industrial areas or inner cities, roads, airports and ports. The MEARIN EXPERT is extremely versatile and can be installed almost everywhere even where asphalt is being used since these channels are perfectly suitable for asphalting.

    The MEARIN EXPERT comes in 4 widths: 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm. Their extremely low weight make them easy to install without any machines.

  • Universal drainage channel MEARIN EXPERT CLIPFIX grating locking mechanism

    MEA CLIPFIX grating locking mechanism

    MEA CLIPFIX is the best system to install gratings in drainage channels: place the grating in the channel, press, let it click and you are done! Removing the channel gratings is simple as well: Take the MEA grating hook. Remove the first grating from the channel line. All the other grating can be removed by hand. The longitudinal shift protection system is offering additional safety and comfort since the grating is fixed stiffly in the channel body: no rattling. Thanks to the intelligent design the CLIPFIX fast locking mechanism has no impact on the channel cross section and the rain water drainage performance.

  • Drainage channel MEARIN EXPERT

    Extremely light and economical

    The very robust yet very lightweight MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels are easy and fast to install, offering substantial savings on site. No heavy lifting machines are required for installing the channels. Last but not least, the very lightweight channel has a direct impact on transportation cost.

  • Universal drainage channel MEARIN EXPERT gratings

    Great choice of channel covers and gratings

    MEA offer a large choice of gratings for the MEARIN EXPERT drainage channel program with loading classes from A 15 to E 600 in different design and with different materials (Plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel, ductile iron)

  • MR_PLUS_1000_SLOPE_System_Overview (1)

    MEARIN EXPERT 1000 with slope

    The MEARIN PLUS and MEARIN EXPERT drainage channels are also available as a sloped version in nominal width 100 and 200.

    The channels made of GRP and integrated slope enable the realisation of a continuous constant slope of 0.5 % for drainage lines of up to 20 metres in length.

Universal drainage channel made of GRP MEARIN EXPERT variants

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