Point drainage Courtyard gully MEAPARK

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MEAPARK plastic courtyard gully

  • Courtyard gully for use in home, garden and landscaping
  • Suitable for all loading classes up to B 125
  • Courtyard gully and sediment bucket made of recycled plastic
  • Cover grating options: Ductile iron grating or mesh grating 20/30
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to low weight

Product details

  • MEAPARK courtyard gully made of recycled plastic

    The MEAPARK courtyard gully is made of high-quality recycled plastic and is particularly ecological (recyclable, free of asbestos and shear metals). MEAPARK courtyard gullies were specially developed for use around the house, in garage driveways, along walkways and in landscaping and are a visually appealing solution for point drainage.


    Variable grating designs

    There are two different gratings for the MEAPARK courtyard gully: Made of ductile iron or galvanized mesh grate 20/30 for loading classes up to B 125. The MEAPARK courtyard gully is not only easy to install due to its low weight, but also extremely easy to clean and maintain due to the integrated sediment bucket with vertical drain connection.

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