Point drainage Yard drain MEAGARD

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Yard drain MEAGARD for a safe point drainage

  • Yard drains for home and garden
  • Suitable for all loading classes up to B 125
  • High quality polymer concrete body
  • Cover grating options: Ductile iron grating, mesh grating (20/30 mesh) or covering grating (30/30 mesh)
  • Easy cleaning and service

Product details

  • MEAGARD yard gully made of polymer concrete

    MEAGARD yard gullies are especially designed for use in areas requiring point drainage. MEAGARD courtyard gullies made from polymer concrete are a simple, economical and aesthetically pleasing solution for draining surface water. MEAGARD yard gullies are available with three different covers for all loading classes up to B 125. MEAGARD courtyard gullies are not only easy to install; they also need very little maintenance. Suitable for parks, agricultural and commercial buildings. 

  • Several grating designs

    The MEAGARD Yard gully are available with different gratings designs: (Ductile iron, galvanised steel mesh gratings and overlaying mesh grating). Loading class up to B 125. The MEAGARD yard gully comes with a sediment bucket for easy maintenance.

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