Pipe Duct Gully MEADOC Pipe duct gully

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  • Water pressure-tight
  • Removable grating
  • Secure
  • Height-adjustable
  • Integrated double anti-flooding valve
  • Manually lockable emergency valve

Product Description

  • Patented sealing profile

    MEADOC pipe ducts have a patented sealing profile with a sealing effect that intensifies as the concrete sets. All products are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 1401-1 and can therefore be connected to any standard pipes.

  • Tested Quality

    MEA Building Systems is the only manufacturer of pipe ducts to offer a separate form element conforming to DIN EN 1401-1 for a nominal width of 100 mm. The high quality and one hundred per cent functionality of MEADOC pipe ducts have also been confirmed by several independent test institutes.

Product variants MEADOC Pipe duct gullies

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