Drainage channels MEATEC II

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MEATEC II drainage system for terraces and facades

  • Drainage elements and matching gravel bar optionally made of galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Increased drainage capacity due to drainage system slotted on both sides
  • Height adjustable according to structural requirements (even after installation)
  • Enables barrier-free construction, among other things through height adjustability on one side
  • Simple assembly and connection of the gutter bodies by means of a plug-in system
  • Robust and reliable system thanks to reinforcement of all MEATEC channel bodies by crossbars
  • Improved rear ventilation on the wall side prevents waterlogging
  • Various grating designs (longitudinal bar grating, mesh grating, perforated grating)

Product Details

  • MEATEC_II_benefit_height_adjustment_grey

    Height adjustable

    A big plus of the MEATEC II system is the variable height adjustment. With the fixed heights of 50, 70 and 90 mm and the individual height adjustment by means of adjustable feet, all structural requirements can be covered with the MEATEC II system. If the gravel bed needs to be set, the channel line can also be readjusted at a later date with little effort.

  • MEATEC_II_benefit_shorten_grey


    Can be cut to length individually thanks to asymmetric and selectable positioning of the adjustable feet. There is no loss of stability after shortening, which means that the desired length is realised.

  • MEATEC_II_Fassadenlueftung

    Increased rear ventilation and rapid water drainage

    The MEATEC II drainage system enables improved rear ventilation on façades and thus protects them from moisture damage. Stagnant moisture on façades can easily evaporate here and thus the building fabric is permanently protected.

    Due to the high number of lateral slots and the intelligent slot geometry, any drainage capacity calculated and required according to DIN EN 12056-3 and DIN 1986-100 can be achieved. The slots guarantee rapid water drainage.

  • MEATEC_II_Barrierefrei

    Barrier-free installation

    Level transitions are clear requirements of today’s building plans (e.g. from living areas to roof terraces or step-free house entrance areas) and are easily possible with MEATEC II gutters.

  • MEATEC_II_Entwaesserung_Kiesbett

    Drainage via gravel bed

    With this installation variant, the escaping water is drained from the lateral slots of the MEATEC II channel on the bitumen sheet into the gravel bed.

  • MEATEC_II_Entwaesserung_Drainagematte

    Drainage via drainage mat

    With this installation option, a drainage mat drains the water under the paving, increasing the hydraulic performance. The felt separates the gravel layer from the drainage mat and the gravel bar prevents gravel from seeping in.

  • MEATEC_II_Elevation

    Drainage with elevation of the floor covering

    With this installation variant, the floor covering is laid on stilt bearings, thus creating a hollow space. The surface water absorbed by the MEATEC II system can then drain away unhindered under the covering.


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