Drainage channels MEAHOME PLUS

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Drainage channel MEAHOME PLUS for gardens, terrasses, yards and garages

  • GRP Material: sturdy and light
  • Easy to install
  • Passenger car passable. Loading Class B 125. DIN EN 1433
  • End caps and vertical outlet connection available
  • Heat-resistant – hot asphalt can be poured directly at the drainage channel
  • Chemical and salt resistant
  • No rusting of the edges since made of high-quality GRP
  • Available in Black: MEAHOME PLUS BLACK

Product details

  • MEAHOME PLUS Drainage channel for home and garden

    The MEAHOME drainage channel was especially developed for being used around homes as well as in gardens, courtyards and landscaped areas. The MEAHOME PLUS channels are passenger cars passable and delivered with different gratings amongst them our TSC TOPSLOT for a discreet installation.

  • Anasphaltable MEAHOME PLUS drainage channel made GRP

    Since the MEAHOME PLUS drainage channels are made of high-quality GRP, they are particularly sturdy and resistant to oil, chemicals or salt. Their light weight makes the installation fast and easy. Thanks to the smooth surface of the GRP Material, the rain water is being evacuated fast as well as possible dirt particles. The MEAHOME PLUS is also available in black: MEAHOME PLUS BLACK

  • Discreet drainage solution: MEAHOME PLUS with TSC Topslot

    For an elegant and discreet installation in yards, around swimming pools, terraces or in front of a garage the MEAHOME PLUS can be delivered with our MEA TSC TOPSLOT. The performance of the channel remains the same despite almost disappearing in the ground.

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