Drainage channels MEAKERB BRIDGE

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MEAKERB BRIDGE monolithic kerb channel for bridge drainage

  • 2-in-1 system: kerb and drainage channel in one product
  • Kerb with integrated drainage solution and continuous sealing lip
  • Loading class D 400
  • Two variants (160-125 and 160-150) for more flexibility
  • Flat installation depth of 160 mm
  • Monolithic design: Simple and quick to install, easy replacement of individual components
  • Roadworthy: No moving parts
  • Weather, salt and chemical resistant
  • Particularly suitable for use in bridge construction projects

Product details

  • 2 in 1 solution for efficient bridge drainage

    • Channel and kerb in one product made of polymer concrete
    • Loading class up to D 400
    • Flat installation depth of 160 mm
    • Two variants (160-125, 160-150) for maximum flexibility in any bridge construction project
    • Drainage outside the road
    • Efficient water drainage to prevent black ice formation or aquaplaning on the bridge
    • Powerful even with low longitudinal gradient
  • Monolithic Design

    • Safe: No moving parts
    • Simple: Uncomplicated to lay, enables the quick creation of a road layout
    • Service-friendly: Individual components can be replaced in a cost- and time-saving manner
    • Stable: Resistant to weathering, salt and chemicals

MEAKERB BRIDGE-Two variants for maximum flexibility

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