Rack gratings Classic rack gratings

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With mounting bracket or flat bar as shift protection

  • Low installation height for gratings with a mounting bracket
  • Welded flat bar as shift protection
  • High loading capacity
  • Gratings can be configured for point loading or any special load type

Product Description

  • MEA rack gratings: the right solution whatever your requirements

    The size of a rack grating system with a mounting bracket or with a flat bar as shift protection depends on the shelf type, the dimensions of the longitudinal beams, the load and your specific requirements. MEA optimises the load bar and mesh sizes based on these requirements to guarantee you the best possible solution for your products and shelves.

  • Rack grating systems – a perfect fit first time

    MEA rack gratings with a mounting bracket and shift protection are today an integral part of warehouse logistics. As custom-made products, they can be individually adapted to each customer’s logistics requirements to achieve maximum flexibility. Your wish is our command – made-to-measure grating solutions from MEA are ideal for heavy loads, point loading or other special load types.

Product Highlights

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