Rack gratings MEAMODUL for box pallets

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Perfect for Euro box pallets in pallet racks

  • Suitable for numerous load types
  • Also for crosswise Euro box pallets up to 1,000 kg
  • High level of safety thanks to shift protection
  • Overhanging filling bars protect the goods during picking
  • Can be easily installed by one person

Product Description

  • MEAMODUL has untold advantages for factory equipment suppliers and warehouse operators.

    It makes everything much easier because it is suitable for numerous load types. It mitigates risks because sudden stability loss is ruled out. It avoids unnecessary costs because the overhanging filling bars protect the goods from damage during storage and retrieval. And since it is self-centring when inserted, you also save money because only one person is required to install it. Thanks to MEAMODUL, Euro box pallets can now also be stored safely in pallet racks.

  • Installing MEAMODUL is child’s play!

    No bolts, no special-purpose tools required!
    MEAMODUL is extremely robust: you simply insert it into the traverses and it centres itself. As an option, it can also be secured against lifting with our traverse clip.

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