Rack gratings Accessories for MEAMODUL

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Optimised warehouse logistics processes

  • Shelf dividers
  • MEACLICKIT traverse clips
  • Heat shield for MEAMODUL

Product Description

  • Good organisation is half the battle!

    MEA shelf dividers and MEACLICKIT traverse clips are perfectly matched accessories that help you get the best out of our MEAMODUL from the outset.
    By using our shelf dividers, you acquire significantly more storage space within an identical area and can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in your storage requirements.
    And thanks to the MEACLICKIT traverse clip, your MEAMODUL is effectively secured against lifting. The MEA heat shield for MEAMODUL is ideal for pallet racks with a sprinkler system installed as well as for protecting small parts against falling through.

  • Fastening MEAMODUL is child’s play!

    No bolts, no special-purpose tools required!
    MEAMODUL is extremely robust: you simply fasten it to the traverses with our ultra-stable MEACLICKIT clips. Each clip is designed to last forever! Just fix the clips to the module and the traverses to lock your MEAMODUL permanently in place.

  • Lean warehouse logistics thanks to optimised accessories for MEAMODUL

    into the ideal logistics tool. MEA shelf dividers, for example, are optimally adapted to all MEAMODUL elements, providing you with more storage space within the same area.

  • Optimal compliance with fire regulations

    ensures optimal compliance with fire regulations. It is easy to install and can also be retrofitted without any problems.

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