Rack gratings MEAMODUL for cantilever shelves

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The ideal solution for cantilever shelves and extra-deep pallet racks

  • When used in cantilever shelves: spans distances of up to 2,000 mm between the arms
  • When used in pallet racks: the perfect solution for racks deeper than 1,200 mm
  • Suitable for numerous load types
  • Lighter than other shelves
  • Integrated shift protection

Product Description

  • MEAMODUL benefits now also for cantilever shelves and deep pallet racks

    Factory equipment suppliers and warehouse operators think very highly of MEAMODUL because it caters for the needs of many different load types with just one product. Despite its lightweight design the risk of stability loss is ruled out. It makes order picking safer because the overhanging filling bars protect the goods from damage during storage and retrieval. What’s more, it is also an economical solution, especially for cantilever shelves with a wide span or for extra-deep pallet racks.

  • Fulfilling fire protection regulations perfectly even with cantilever racks

    By simply retrofitting heat shields on our MEAMODUL, the fire protection specifications are also met for cantilever racking with installed sprinkler systems, which ensures safety and flexibility. MEAMODUL and heat-resistant sheets are perfectly matched to each other. The sheets are easy to attach to the MEAMODUL and can be removed just as quickly.

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