Sliding fittings for hanging gates Complete construction kit

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Complete system for light doors and door panels

  • Simple way to move doors and gates smoothly
  • For door widths from 1.0 to 1.8 metres
  • Easy installation!
  • Maintenance-free, extremely robust!
  • Track, roller devices and fastenings – a complete package!

Product Description

  • The principle of least effort - light door fittings

    From the tool shed in your back garden to small warehouses, sliding doors or gates must open and close smoothly and easily. They must require as little maintenance as possible and above all be robust. Light door fittings from MEA are the number one choice for these and many other applications. MEA light door fittings are available for door widths from 100 cm to 180 cm. The tracks are designed for doors weighing anything up to 75 kg.

  • MEA complete range - all from a single source!

    MEA’s complete range of steel door fittings, including all essential components (track, roller devices and fastenings) enables fast, optimal installation.
    This complete system is recommended for numerous applications. The door fittings are easy to install and meet even the highest demands.

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