Sliding fittings for material transport & logistics Protective gratings and safety curtains

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For safe storage of items

  • Protective gratings: Protection against access thanks to small grid size
  • Safety curtains: durable and robust, available in various standard colors and designs
  • Smooth, quiet running in our MEA rail system

Product Description

  • Product benefits - protective gratings and safety curtains

    MEA Protective gratings and safety curtains are suitable for retrofitting regardless of the manufacturer and are easy to install and handle. They can be used for cantilever, pallet or shelving racks.

  • Properly locked away

    Many goods require special protection and storage. Our purpose designed lockable guards protect valuable products and materials against theft or unauthorised access. They also enable safe and permanent storage of hazardous goods. All MEA guard solutions consist of a sliding grating which can be locked with a padlock. The scope of supply always includes the bottom guide.

  • Safety curtains harminise with MEA sliding fittings and accessories

    Curtains can serve two different purposes.
    Firstly, sensitive goods stored behind them are protected against dust and the elements.
    Secondly, MEA curtains can be used as screens to protect bystanders, for example during welding work with flying sparks.
    MEA sliding fittings ensure that these curtains, which are often very heavy, can be moved easily and smoothly on the rail.
    And when it comes to moving heavy guards on high shelves, MEA roller devices and tracks are the ideal solution.

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