Basement Ventilator MEALÜFT AIR Window

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MEALÜFT AIR window - humidity-controlled ventilation

  • Energy saving due to ventilation on demand
  • Perfect room climate thanks to regular air exchange
  • No unnecessary build-up of moisture
  • User-independent ventilation solution cuts energy consumption and ensures permanently good air quality in the basement
  • Quick window mounting with click-in system
  • Problems and damage are avoided from the outset in new buildings
  • Significant improvement in existing buildings if a ventilation solution is installed in the basement
  • Available for MEALON basement windows and casement windows MEALUXIT
  • Ideal ventilation without opening the window
  • DN 150 ventilator
  • Main connection via 230-volt cable
  • Available as replacement window in MEALUXIT frames as from 2005

Product Description

  • Best indoor climate

    Basement usage differs from living spaces; unfortunately, however, no difference is made when it comes to ventilation. An unheated basement is one of the most difficult parts of a house to ventilate. Humidity-controlled ventilation prevents excessive amounts of moist, warm air from entering through the window.

  • Technical features

    • Easy installation (plug-and-play solution), no electrician required
    • Simple power connection with a standard cable (230 V)
    • Perfect room climate permanently
    • Higher potential energy saving compared to continuous manual ventilation
    • No impairment of the window function
    • Includes exterior wind protection
    • Insect screen included
    • Available in standard sizes 100 x 60 cm, 100 x 80 cm and 100 x 100 cm
  • Recommended application MEALÜFT AIR window

    MEALÜFT AIR windows have a 2-stage humidity-controlled regulation and are equipped with a programmable timer. The window function remains fully intact. Compared to manual continuous ventilation, MEALÜFT AIR windows offer a much higher energy saving potential and are particularly suitable for basement rooms with low requirements, e.g. storage cellars.

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