Basement Ventilator MEALÜFT AIR HQ

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MEALÜFT AIR HQ - intelligent and efficient ventilation

  • Energy saving through ventilation according to demand
  • Good indoor climate due to regular air exchange
  • No unnecessary moisture input
  • A user-independent ventilation solution saves energy and permanently ensures good air in the basement
  • In new construction, problems and damage are avoided from the outset
  • In the existing building, a significant improvement can be achieved with the installation of a ventilation solution in the basement
  • Connection DN80, wall surface mount casing
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Seven ventilation levels between 15 and 60 m³/h
  • Elegant Design

Product Description

  • Efficient ventilation

    With the MEALÜFT AIR HQ basement ventilator, basement rooms are ventilated as much as necessary, but only as little as possible: This saves energy, prevents overhumidification and structural damage and avoids mold.

  • Automated ventilation

    If the relative humidity cannot be reduced significantly within a period of two hours (e.g. in summer), the fan is switched to the basic ventilation level, which can also be 0.

    If the relative humidity rises by more than 5% within one hour during lowering operation, lowering operation is ended and the room is ventilated again.

    This exhaust fan regulates itself depending on the air humidity. If it does not notice any reduction in humidity, it stops and tries again later.

    If moisture suddenly occurs (showering, drying laundry), the fan detects this and starts up automatically.

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