Steel basement window MEALIT

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Basement steel window MEALIT - Robust, durable, maintenance-free

  • Especially suitable for moisture-insensitive utility rooms
  • Sturdy design provides optimum protection against burglary and vandalism
  • Available in a one-leaf or two-leaf version (with solid central strut)
  • Made-to-measure designs: Turn-only version, with single glazing (5 mm float glass) and grating leaf, hot-dip galvanised steel
  • The handle base can be secured against turning (for instance with a padlock)
  • Open glass panel separately from the grid panel
  • Anti-unhinge feature prevents against violent intrusion attempts from the outside

Product Description

  • Durable and protective

    The products in the MEALIT series provide a wide range of solutions for protecting basements and substructures. MEALIT steel basement windows are extremely durable and protect buildings against theft or vandalism.

  • Let fresh air in and keep dirt out

    MEALIT basement windows enable optimal ventilation of basement floors and keep out pests and dirt.

    The glass leaf can be opened separately from the grating leaf.

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