Casement window system MEALUXIT

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MEALUXIT - innovative and versatile casement window system

  • Innovative and versatile, interchangeable casement system made of GRP with various basement window inserts
  • Reduced time and effort for installation: The casing is set directly in the masonry or formwork during the shell construction phase
  • Window inserts can be installed without tools thanks to the innovative CLICK-IN system
  • The inner, visible part of the casing can subsequently be plastered or wallpapered and therefore optimally adapted to the room usage
  • Perimeter masking frame can be glued into the outer reveal
  • Three types of glass available: Uw = 1.3 W/m²K (Ug = 1.1 W/m²K); Uw = 0.94 W/m²K (Ug = 0.6 W/m²K); Uw = 0.85 W/m²K (Ug = 0.6 W/m²K)
  • Tilt window pane, with insulation glazing 24 mm or simple 5 mm glazing
  • Wall thicknesses: 12 to 39.5 cm
  • Steel window inserts for unheated basement rooms

Product Description

  • Easy and quick installation

    The MEALUXIT casement window system is an attractive, ready-to-install solution: The finished window casing can be placed directly into the formwork which is highly efficient because the casing remains in the wall, so that there is no subsequent work on the reveal necessary. The matching window insert is easily clicked-in. It comes in a modern living space design with a white 5-chamber profile and also offers optionally closing to the left or to the right (DIN L or DIN R) and a concealed one-hand tilt-and-turn handle (ROTO NT with basic security).

  • Flexible to any wall type

    This system is particularly convenient because the MEALUXIT casings can be set directly in the concrete or bricked wall. Much less effort is necessary for installation as a result. Thanks to the wide range of sizes available, the system can be adapted to practically any wall type and thickness or any window format.

  • Customised solutions - impossible was yesterday

    Each construction project is different and all have to fit local specifications and specific demands. With over 125 years of experience MEA has developped a real know-how in developing innovative products and solutions to address various construction specifications. Many of these custom oriented solutions happened to become new product series over the years.

  • Examples für custom made solutions

    • Passive house compatible versions with Uw < 0,8 W/m²K
    • Special glazing with 52 mm glass thickness thanks to variable glass embeding possibilities
    • Multifunctunal windows with ventilation panels, cat flaps etc…
    • Automated opening systems
    • Windows for ventilation and smoke evacuation purposes
  • MEA-Click-In klein

    MEALUXIT "CLICK-IN" system

    • Window units with thermally insulated glass (double or triple glazing). Closing to the left or to the right, also available with RC2 fitting and P4a glass for increased protection against burglary
    • Supplied with or without a ventilation grating or Ø 100 mm exhaust air connection or as a ventilation sash
    • Protective grating for Tilt ISO 24 and Tilt E type window units. With galvanised steel surface or white powder coating (RAL 9016)
    • Galvanised steel window units with integrated, single-pane safety glass. Available with a fixed or turn-only grating leaf, leaf with anti-unhinge feature

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