MEARIN PG EVO System-Solution

MEARIN PG EVO is the drainage channel for car parks, underground garages and parking areas. It is suitable for installation in car parks with OS coating as well as with asphalt floors.

Due to the low height of 30 mm, the car park channel made of glass fibre composite is also ideally suited for installation in low floor slabs.

The channel was therefore also the first choice for the drainage of the underground car park at the Sparkasse bank in Zwickau.

Solution – MEARIN PG EVO:

After presentation of the MEARIN PG EVO and its accessories, this product was chosen for the construction of 180ml thanks to its advantages:

  • Fully fledged system solution
  • Aesthetic solution: custom colour option
  • High quality GRP- corrosion free
  • Low profile heights: 30 mm
  • Low noise level and barrier free
  • Easy to install – easy to clean
  • Absolutely water tight
  • Hardly inflammable


MEARIN PG EVO convinced the customer as a drainage solution and at the same time easy to install and transport due to its low weight on site.

At A Glance :

Location :  The Sparkasse bank in Zwickau, Germany.


  • MEARIN PG EVO a total of 180ml
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