MEAKERB and MEADRAIN DM System-Solution

As part of the modernization and expansion project of the ”Al Fateh Highway” in Bahrain, 1000 m MEAKERB and 3400 m MEADRAIN DM drainage systems from MEA were installed.

The monolithic design of the channels, the flexible installation heights and the versatility of the components (pedestrian access, bus access…) could convince the client.

Solution – MEAKERB and MEADRAIN DM :

The “Al Fateh” highway is also built very close to the sea. For this reason, it was important to work as little as possible with parts that could rust due to the salt. This is where the MEAKERB and the MEADRAIN DM channels score, because they are monolithic, made of a polymer concrete block, have no metal parts and for this reason are absolutely rust-free. In addition, polymer concrete is very resistant to salt, chemicals, oils and other chemical substances.

The MEAKERB and MEADRAIN DM drainage channels also allow for even faster installation on site, as there is no need to install grates. Since no moving parts are used, these channels are protected from vandalism and are quiet.


MEAKERB from MEA Water Management is the perfect 2-in-1 solution:

  • It combines kerb and channel in one element
  • MEAKERB is particularly suitable for the drainage of urban areas, main roads, traffic circles, underpasses and bus stops.

MEA Water Management’s MEADRAIN DM drainage system, with loading class of up to F 900, is ideal for use in heavily loaded areas such as roads and highways. The monolithic design guarantees high installation safety, a long service life and low maintenance requirements.


MEAKERB and MEADRAIN DM convinced the customer as a rehabilitation solution that is at the same time easy to install and transport on site due to its low weight.

At A Glance :

  • Location :”Al Fateh Highway” in Bahrain.
    • Products: MEAKERB 500 a total length of 1000 m.
  • MEADRAIN DM 2020 a total area of 2500 m
  • MEADRAIN DM 2040 a total area of 900 m
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