The campus of Dabendorf in Zossen is one of the most modern educational building complexes of the federal state of Brandenburg. A three-storey school building for around 1000 pupils and a two-storey multi-purpose building with sports hall, auditorium and canteen were built on site of the Geschwister-Scholl school.

Due to increasing heavy rainfall events, a high performance and sustainable drainage solution for the roofs and the sealed surfaces of the parking and the schoolyard was mandatory for this project.

MEA Water Management answered this demand delivering its high performance and high capacity drainage channels MEADRAIN EN et ENS for surface drainage and the MEATEC system for façade and roof drainage.


The MEADRAIN EN 1500, MEADRAIN EN 2000 and MEADRAIN ENS 3000 drainage channels were used in this project and installed depending on requirements. These drainage channels are covered with ductile-iron longitudinal gratings which perfectly fit – thanks to its individually high-quality colour coating- into the overall architectural concept. With a loading class up to F 900 the MEADRAIN EN/ENS series are designed for very heavy loads and vehicles allowing trucks to access the area as well.

The MEADRAIN EN drainage systems are easy and safe to install. Thanks to their low weight compared to similar concrete products the handling on site is simplified and the installation time significantly reduced this contributing to savings on the construction site. The more, gratings can be fixed very quickly on the channels thanks to the PROFIX rapid locking mechanism.

Particularly high aesthetic and functional requirements were placed on the drainage system for the facades. Not only should it be visually appealing, but it had to protect the facades effectively against rainwater and allow a barrier-free installation. Because of its performance and because the MEATEC drainage system for terraces, roofs and facades could be installed quickly it became the product of choice for this project.

Made of galvanized or stainless steel, the MEATEC system perfectly adapts to any construction project. Elements can be shortened on site and assembled easily thanks to plug connectors. The system is adaptable in heights even after installation. Cross bracings add stiffness making it stable even under pressure and reliable over time.


MEA Water Management supported the work of the architects for the project in Zossen providing technical information and samples. Delivery dates were coordinated quickly and flexibly with the construction company, so that no warehousing was needed.



  • Place: Zossen, Germany
  • Products:
    • MEADRAIN EN 2000.0 (147 m)
    • MEADRAIN ENS 3000.0 (110 m)
    • MEATEC V160-F100 (155 m)
    • MEATEC V200-F100 (10 m)
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