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MEAVECTOR concrete light wells - safe, longliving and stable

  • Diversity: MEAVECTOR concrete light wells are supplied in many different designs in order to meet a wide range of requirements
  • Quality: The light wells are manufactured from C30/37 concrete and bear the PÜZ BAU quality seal
  • Safety: Thanks to the additional reinforcement at the corners, MEA concrete light wells are also capable of withstanding the constant, high pressure loads to which the areas around underground garages or industrial buildings are subjected. Gratings in several different walk-on or car and truck passable designs are available
  • Customized solutions: Made-to-measure designs and special geometries – either with or without a floor – are manufactured according to your individual specifications
  • Crane cable securing bolts optionally available for extra-secure installation
  • Crane cable securing bolt for fafe installation available
  • Fixing bracket made of galvanised steel for insulation thicknesses up to 300 mm
  • Perfectly executed concrete edge for perfect mounting of the cover grating
  • With gratings suitable for passenger cars and pedestrians

Product Description

  • MEAVECTOR - yield to pressure

    MEAVECTOR concrete light wells for residential buildings are sturdy, durable and safe – and solid as a rock. They have a minimum material thickness of 8 cm.

    The corner reinforcements are designed to withstand even permanent, high earth pressure. The light-coloured, exposed concrete ensures that plenty of light gets into the basement.

  • Product benefits

    Standard sizes for almost any requirements:

    • 6 standard widths (max. 252 cm)
    • 8 standard heights (max. 220 cm)
    • Up to 4 different depths (50, 60, 80 and 100 cm)
    • Without a floor
    • With closed floor
    • With closed floor and additional drainage opening, which can also be expanded to obtain a certified backflow prevention unit (MEASTOP PRO)


    Customised solutions are available for all other requirements:

    • Max. width 350 cm
    • Max. height 380 cm
    • Max. depth 100 cm


    Provided a suitable fastening system is used, these light wells can also be installed on walls with outer insulation

    • Thermal bridge-free installation when used with the MEAFIX insulated mounting panel and specially designed anchors
    • Precise concrete edges ensure an absolutely smooth grating mat, so that nothing works loose and no gaps are formed
    • Crane cable securing bolts optionally available for extra-secure installation
    • Owing to the corner reinforcements, the MEAVECTOR can also be combined with concrete or steel attachments or with the PVC FLEX attachment for four-sided paving.
  • Accessories

    • 30/10 mesh
    • 30/30 mesh
    • Expanded metal
    • 30/10 mesh (car passable)
    • Crane cable securing bolts
    • Standard fastening set from 0 to 30 cm
    • Backfill plates
    • Steel attachment (height + 5 cm or + 10 cm)
    • MEAFLEX PVC attachment
    • Concrete attachments (for all concrete light well sizes)

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