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MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS concrete light well - water protection with an additional plus

  • Additional plus: An additional, thermally independent spacer separates the MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS light well from the building. It is stable under pressure and thermally insulating, so that thermal bridges are prevented from forming.
  • No thermal bridges: The MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS duplex seal provides reliable tightness and compensates uneven subsurfaces. The low thermal conductivity prevents thermal bridges.
  • Waterproof: The integrated compression protector, which takes the form of a butyl rubber seal, maintains a fixed distance between the concrete wall and the light well and is absolutely waterproof.
  • Diversity: MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS concrete light wells are supplied in many different designs in order to meet a wide range of requirements.
  • Quality: The light wells are manufactured from C30/37 concrete and bear the PÜZ BAU quality seal.
  • Safety: Thanks to the additional reinforcement at the corners, MEA concrete light wells are also capable of withstanding the constant, high pressure loads to which the areas around underground garages or industrial buildings are subjected. Gratings in several different walk-on or car passable designs are available

Product Description

  • Product benefits

    MEAVECTOR AQUA PLUS concrete light wells are capable of withstanding high earth pressure and heavy traffic loads. Extreme flood or pressurised water loading is not a problem and they provide very effective protection if leachate accumulates.

    • Concrete light well system suitable for loading as per DIN 18195 Parts 4 and 6
    • Tested and certified by Kiwa Construction Testing
    • Waterproof seal with integrated compression protector for twofold protection. Prevents the seal from being compressed to zero and compensates minor irregularities in the concrete. MEA’s special primer ensures an extremely strong and permanent bond with the concrete
    • In addition to the AQUA compression protector, the system also includes a surrounding spacer, which in the standard version bridges insulation thicknesses of 8, 10 or 12 cm and simultaneously ensures optimal incident light
  • Gratings

    • Mesh 30/10 (Galvanized steel or stainless steel)
    • Mesh 30/30 (Galvanized steel)
    • Expanded metal (Galvanized steel)
    • Mesh 30/10 car-accessible (Galvanized steel or stainless steel)
  • Accessories

    • Crane cable securing bolts
    • Standard fastening set from 0 to 30 cm
    • Backfill plates
    • Steel attachment (height + 5 cm or + 10 cm)
    • MEAFLEX PVC attachment
    • Concrete attachments (for all concrete light well sizes)

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