Insulated Mounting Panel MEAFIX for concrete light wells

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MEAFIX - Insulated mounting panel for a thermal-bridge free installation of concrete light wells

  • Very easy and quick processing thanks to the fixed fastening points: the usual measuring is not necessary
  • The high-quality XPS insulation material is coated with fiber cement: the finished surface can be painted directly, no plastering
  • The smooth edges of the insulation board make it very easy to work on the additional insulation around the concrete light well. Thanks to the precisely fitting frame cutout and the optional perimeter cover frame, the previously usual reworking on the inside of the light well is no longer necessary
  • Extension element for increasing the construction heights of the MEAFIX insulation panel
  • Specially designed MEAFIX anchors for thermal separation
  • High quality XPS insulation material

Product Description

  • Concrete light well installation made to measure

    The precisely fitting insulated mounting panel MEAFIX for concrete light wells fits into the on-site perimeter insualtion:

    • In addition to the window cutouts coordinated for the MEALUXIT casement windows, made-to-measure window cutouts are of course also available
    • In addition to the standard insulation thicknesses of 100 and 120 mm, the system is also available in an insulation thickness of 100 to 200 mm depending on the order
    • Extension element MEAFIX raises the insulated mounting panel when light well attachments are used.
  • Thermal-bridge free concrete light well installation

    Heat discharge is effectively prevented because the concrete light wells are fastened to the MEAFIX insulated mounting panel, so that there is no direct contact between the bracket and the concrete wall – and hence no thermal bridges! The MEAFIX system solution saves time and money.

    As a further development of the MEAFIX mounting insulation board for GRP light wells, the new MEAFIX PRO mounting insulation board consistently addresses the additional requirements for watertight installation.

  • Optionally also for GRP light wells

    The precisely fitting insulated mounting panel MEAFIX is also available for the thermal bridge-free installation of GRP light wells.

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