Most of our products are distributed by specialised building materials suppliers. We have set ourselves the goal of helping our customers optimise their processes and maximise their performance by resorting to MEA products. In line with our corporate policy, the benefits of our many years of experience, the know-how which derives from intensive cooperation with our suppliers and our productivity gains in the value-added chain are all shared with our customers.

Our points of contact are principally planners, engineering firms and architects. We provide builders and construction companies with an extensive array of products and services that meet even the most exacting requirements in terms of safety, functionality, ease of use, economy and longevity.


Established in 1886 as a metalworking shop and ironmongery, MEA has grown to become an internationally operating group of companies based in the south German town of Aichach, Bavaria. We supply to industrial customers and the building trade, manufacturing in both Western and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia. The MEA Group is well-positioned worldwide through its sales companies, distribution partners on all continents and global logistics network.

By pooling our competencies, expertise and customer focus in these three strategic business units, we can gain an even better understanding of our customers’ special expectations and needs, see the world through their eyes and offer them concrete solutions that really help them move forward.This clear focus on customers, and the knowledge that derives from it, forms the basis for every development, innovation and competency within the MEA Group. Our commitment and our position as a process improver and performance accelerator drive our growth – and that of our customers – day after day.


MEA was founded in Aichach, Bavaria, 130 years ago. We believe that experience and continuity are two of the key reasons for our success. The internationally appreciated virtues of German workmanship are fundamental to our identity, particularly:

  • Solidity
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Ecological awareness
  • Innovation

Our customers regard these qualities as a valuable basis for business and a guarantee of sustained reliability, professionalism and competitiveness.

We, in turn, value the advantages of an open, fair dialogue in business matters that unites the benefits of globalisation with respect for the rights of all human beings. Our decision-making processes and daily working lives are guided by clear-cut, ethical principles of corporate management, whether dealing with customers, employees, suppliers or competitors.

The MEA Group has internationally gained the reputation of a reliable and fair business partner through progressive growth and the expansion into new markets and countries. To meet the high requirements with respect to our behaviour in the conduct of daily business and to continue to meet the requirements with respect to how we interact with our business partners, the following code of conduct should function as an ethical and legal compass for our employees.