Point drainage MEADRAIN EN

Point drainage made of polymer concrete

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Tunnel infiltration trench MEASTORM

For rainwater retention and infiltration

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Universal drainage channel made of polymer concrete ( E 600)

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Drainage channels made of polymer concrete for loading classes F 900

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Drainage system for facades and terrasses

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Building systems for industry and logistics centers

Industrial companies and logistics centers require individual solutions on the one hand, but also meet numerous norms and regulations on the other – and all of this in the most economical way possible. Structural solutions must guarantee safety, functionality and flexibility in equal measure in order to maximize productivity in the long term. MEA provides the construction industry with flexible and economical systems as well as innovative construction solutions for the interior design of industrial companies and logistics centers that meet the highest demands.

Drainage systems for industrial buildings and logistics halls

As a proven partner to the construction industry and a specialist in drainage systems, MEA Water Management offers a comprehensive range of drainage channels for a wide variety of applications. The channel systems for industrial and logistics halls are made of highly resilient polymer concrete. Wear-free, low-maintenance and resistant to aggressive liquids – these features make the MEADRAIN EN / ENS drainage channel convincing in industrial applications. The MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG drainage channels come with protective rails made of galvanized steel (SV), Stainless steel (SE) or ductile iron (SG) for all possible construction specifications. With loading class going up to E 600 the MEADRAIN S channels are available in 4 nominal width: 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm. Made of high-quality polymer concrete the MEADRAIN S channels will resist almost any traffic load.

Proven and tested solutions for warehouses and material flow

In logistics and material flow every second counts. Solutions are required that accelerate, simplify and make processes more secure. MEA Metal Applications is one of the most renowned suppliers of pallet racks and provides fitters and operators with products that have been tried and tested a million times combining economic efficiency with perfect functionality. Today it is almost unconceivable to work in the logistic shelf construction business without thinking about MEAMODUL. It’s a high load-bearing capacity and it’s ability to cope equally with point and surface loads increase the safety at work and ensure maximum safety in the pallet warehouse – regardless of the type of pallet or the goods being stored. It is suitable for sprinkler systems and, with its low fire load, meets high fire protection requirements. As a system solution, it offers maximum flexibility. The hot-dip galvanized MEAMODUL is also available for cantilever racks as well as for the storage of lattice boxes. A wide range of accessories extends the application possibilities.


For the MEAMODUL there are, among other things, suitable heat accumulation shields that ensure sprinkler systems are triggered more quickly. MEA protective grids and curtains protect valuable objects and materials as well as dangerous goods from theft and unauthorized access.


The certified all-inclusive MEASTEP stair kit is suitable as an escape staircase. It is available in three versions for different stair lengths and can be installed in combination with various platforms and intermediate landings. Thanks to the split jowls, the kit can be easily transported in the truck and set up in the shortest possible time. Height differences of up to 5.98 meters can be overcome. The MEASTEP XSL product range is also compatible with the MEAFLOOR grating mats with knobbed or rough surface.

Thanks to the MEA components for material flow systems and the drive technology for partially automated conveyor lines, robust, durable and adaptable solutions for production and warehouse logistics can be installed in almost any configuration.