Drainage channels MEADRAIN S

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Drainage channel MEADRAIN S made of polymer concrete for universal purposes

  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN SV: with edges made of galvanised steel
  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN SE: with edges made of stainless steel
  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN SG: with edges made of ductile iron
  • Perfectly adapted for roads, industrial sites and parking places as well as for highly frequented inner-city areas
  • Loading class up to E 600
  • Side ribs for even more stability and optimal anchorage in the concrete bed
  • Adapted gratings with longitudinal shifts securement
  • Clear width 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm
  • Edges reinforced with 4 mm ductile iron, galvanised steel or stainless steel
  • Also available as flat channels MEADRAIN SVF, SEF and SGF
  • Also available as channels with 0,5% fall and 4 mm edge protection made of galvanised steel, stainless steel and ductile iron

Product details

  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN S Explosion

    Maximal planing flexibility

    The system of the polymer concrete channels MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG are the perfect allrounder. Thanks to steel reinforced edges and the longitudinal grating securement feature, the drainage system can be used for almost any project, offering maximal planing safety and and drainage performance on site. The MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG drainage system is the best choice for all construction and drainage project like for parks, parking spaces, airports, ports and logistic centers.

    The drainage channels MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG are also available as flat channels MEADRAIN SVF, SEF and SGF.

    The MEADRAIN drainage channel is now also available with 0,5% fall and edges reinforced with 4 mm ductile iron, galvanised steel or stainless steel.

  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN S

    Application fields

    The MEADRAIN SV, SE and SG drainage system is perfectly suited for pedestrian zones as for industrial areas with heavy duty traffic. The 4 mm galvanised steel (or stainless steel) reinforced edges and the particularely stable design of the channels allow them to be used in harbours, container terminals, or in highly frequented public and private areas.

    Wide selection of drainage channel covers (plastic, cast iron, galvanized or stainless steel) adds up to solutions that fit perfectly into practically any surroundings.

  • Drainage channel MEADRAIN S CLIPFIX

    MEA CLIPFIX grating locking mechanism

    MEA CLIPFIX is the best system to install gratings in drainage channels: place the grating in the channel, press, let it click and you are done! Removing the channel gratings is simple as well: Take the MEA grating hook. Remove the first grating from the channel line. All the other grating can be removed by hand. The longitudinal shift protection system is offering additional safety and comfort since the grating is fixed stiffly in the channel body: no rattling. Thanks to the intelligent design the CLIPFIX fast locking mechanism has no impact on the channel cross section and the rain water drainage performance.

  • Gratings for drainage channels

    Large choice of drainage covers and gratings

    MEA is offering a large choice of gratings for the MEADRAIN S drainage channel program with loading classes from A 15 to E 600 in different design and with different materials (Plastic, stainless steel, galvanised steel, ductile iron).

Variants of the MEADRAIN S drainage channel system

Variants of the MEADRAIN SF flat channel system

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