Drainage channels MEADRAIN PG

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Car park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG for rainwater drainage of car parks

  • Easy installation
  • Low total height
  • Clear width 100, 150, 300 mm
  • Low noise level
  • Extremely resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Barrier-free access for persons with restricted mobility
  • Vandal-proof thanks to its monolithic architecture
  • Loading class C 250

Product details

  • Car pard drainage channel MEADRAIN PG

    End-to-end system solution

    • Architecturally striking drainage solution for multi-storey and underground car parks as well as parking spaces.
    • Suitable clear widths for different amounts of water (CW 100, 150 and 300 mm).
    • Wide range of accessories available: from cross/corner elements, end caps and outlet systems to corresponding sealants.
  • Car park drainage channell MEADRAIN PG sealable


    • Norm-compliant (EN 1433) due to the easily accessible and inspectable sealing groove.
    • Easy to seal, as the sealing groove is fully accessible from the top, even after the installation.
  • Car park drainge channel MEADRAIN PG installation

    Easy to install

    • Thanks to the low profile, it is possible to carry out lower storey ceiling thicknesses.
    • The system is also suitable for renovations. Due to its flat design, it can be applied regardless of the previously used system.
  • Car park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG safe and srurdy

    Sturdy and safe

    • Extremely robust, as it is designed for highest loads.
    • Sustainable, thanks to the long-lasting polymer concrete material.
    • Vandal-proof and theft proof, due to the monolithic construction with no moving parts.
  • Car park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG corrosion free

    Corrosion free

    • Resistant to salt, chemicals, oil and fuel.
    • As the channel body is completely monolithic and from polymer concrete, there are no metal parts that are vulnerable to corrosion.
    • Thanks to the robust and rust-free material, it has a long-lasting appealing look.
  • Car park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG noiseless


    • Quiet, as the entire MEADRAIN PG system does not contain any moving parts.
    • No complaints about rattling gratings when crossed by vehicles.
  • xar park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG barrier-free


    • Wheelchair-accessible thanks to a maximum slot width of 16 mm.
    • No height difference between channel and adjacent surface.
  • Car park drainage channel MEADRAIN PG easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    • Can be visually checked for soiling, with no grating that needs to be removed in advance.
    • Thanks to its free cross-section, without gratings or crossbars, the channel can easily be cleaned with the corresponding cleaning shovel.
    • Easily accessible from the top.

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