Drainage channels MEATEC

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Drainage system MEATEC for terraces and facades

  • Drainage system slotted on both sides with integrated gravel border
  • Height-adjustable (even after installation)
  • Precise height adjustment depending on building requirements
  • Easy installation and connection of the drainage channel bodies thanks to an ingenious tongue and groove system
  • Improved ventilation of the facade
  • Increased drainage capacity
  • Optimised connection to branch channels
  • Robust and reliable system in which all MEATEC drainage channel bodies are reinforced with cross bars
  • Installation in accordance with flat roof regulations and DIN 18195‐5
  • Barrier-free construction possible
  • Wide selection of cover gratings

Product details

  • Quick installation

    The MEATEC ‘insert and connect’ system helps professional users install drainage channel elements quickly and easily. ‘Insert and connect’ system simplifies installation: your drainage channel elements create a perfect visual impression. MEATEC is used around homes as well as in gardens, courtyards and landscaped areas.

  • Perfect fit

    Branch channel dimensions match the slot geometry on both sides of the drainage channel elements. The branch channel connects the drainage channel elements to the emergency gully attachments.

  • Caniveau MEATEC réglable en hauteur

    Height adjustable

    You can adjust the height of the drainage channel accordingly without any problems, even though it is already installed. MEATEC covers almost any installation scenario from 55 to 150mm, giving you maximum design freedom and performance.

  • Drainage channel MEATEC for facades and terrasses gratings

    Elegant diversity

    Wide selection of standard and designer gratings adds up to solutions that fit perfectly into practically any surroundings. All drainage channel covers available in galvanised or stainless steel.

  • Drainage channel MEATEC barrier-free

    Barrier-free installation

    The option of adjusting the height on one side only of the drainage channel MEATEC enables barrier-free construction.

    Level access are generally laid down today by planning regulations (e. g. from living areas to rooftop terraces, step-free entrance areas, etc…).

  • Drainage channel MEATEC for facades and terrasses rear ventilation

    Improved rear ventilation and quick water drainage

    Newly designed MEATEC system helps improve your facade’s rear ventilation and protects it from moisture damage. Problem-free evaporation prevents waterlogged facades and protects the building fabric permanently.

    Owing to the large number of slots on both sides and the intelligent slot geometry, you can achieve any run-off rate calculated or required by DIN EN 12056-3 and DIN 1986-100. The large number of slots on both sides guarantees rapid water drainage.

  • Built-in protection

    The integrated gravel border permits quick and easy installation because there are no loose parts. 3 mm wide slots on both sides for permanently reliable drainage because no gravel gets into the water drainage channel.

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